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Event : Aliocha with opening artist l i l a
Description :

Serving a mix of timeless folk with the delicate casualness of the sixties and the gentle anguish of modernity, Aliocha's album Eleven Songs, paired with the artist’s particular magnetism, will delight you. He blends pop from yesterday and today, beautifully and imperfectly, with the naive words of youth that is carried away.

Quebec singer-songwriter Marianne Poirier, a.k.a.  l i l a, has a unique and somewhat haunting voice which hovers like a ghost over a drifting, windswept dark-folk.


Information : Aliocha with opening artist l i l a
Date : Friday, March 22ND 2019 8:00 PM EDT
Venue :
Centre culturel Peter B. Yeomans
Address : 1401 chemin Bord-du-Lac, Dorval H95 2E5

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