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Centre culturel Peter B. Yeomans 
The Little Mighty Superhero acheter
Sunday, March 7TH 2021 11:00 AM EST

One night, Max and his imaginary friend, Jayson (aka the Little Mighty Superhero), share their bedtime ritual of re-enacting the story of the Bakunawa, the moon-eating water dragon. But this night is different and Max misses his Lola who used to tell him the same story whenever he was afraid of the dark. When Max and Jayson discover that the moon in the sky is gone, the two go on a wild adventure to the underworld where they meet the powerful Bathala and the infamous Bakunawa, only to discover that as Max’s courage grows, Jayson begins to disappear. The Little Mighty Superhero is a heartwarming, wonderful journey of a young boy’s quest to stand up to his fears and finding the bravery it takes to make hard decisions. At the core of this vibrant and visual play is the reminder that every adventure is more memorable when you can share it with someone you love.

 Theatre for age 5 and over

60 minutes


This show will be presented online if government health conditions do not allow us to present with public.