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Centre culturel Peter B. Yeomans 
Bloodshot Bill acheter
Friday, January 29TH 2021 8:00 PM EST

Bloodshot Bill debuted in his hometown of Montreal around 1998 with a guitar and a stomp board. Since then, he has released over 30 albums in Europe and North America. He won the FME Coup De Coeur award in 2007, and recently won the Rockabilly Male of the Year 2020 award at the Ameripolitan Awards. Artist Joe Coleman once called him "a cross between Jimmie Rodgers and Popeye", and director John Waters claims he "looks like Roy Orbison with a head injury."

Touring non-stop, he has collaborated with artists such asThe, Jon Spencer, King Khan, poet Charles Plymell, Mark Sultan, Deke Dickerson, and Shannon Shaw. Bill enjoys performing with others, but he is best known for his mind-blowing one-man band act.