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Reservatech is one of the only 100% web operated ticketing system in North America, providing ticket sales and distribution through Reservatech is a young company striving in high technology. At this time, we are offering a telephone Call Center reachable from anywhere in North America, as well as, a large number of retail ticket outlets. We also offer a broad online and offline marketing network. With more than 10 years experience, Reservatech is providing exclusive ticketing services for leading arenas, performing arts venues and theatres and more. We have served, through our system, a large number of clients across multiple event categories. Reservatech has sold more than 8 millions tickets since it's implementation and is a privately owned company headquartered in Chicoutimi, Quebec.
Our Mission
For Clients: To provide the best technologically advanced system, services, and tools for the optimal sale of tickets to the greatest number of customers.
For Consumers: To provide a service that is convenient, secure, and has a fair access to the best possible tickets offered by our clients.